Greetings from one of the newest to this Faction

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Greetings from one of the newest to this Faction Empty Greetings from one of the newest to this Faction

Post  Akai_Kiri on Tue Jan 04, 2011 10:30 am

Cool Very Happy Hi my name is Akai_Kiri i am new to the guild i just thought i would say hi to you all; here is a little bit about my self:

About Me
Basic Info
Sex: Male
Birthday: June 9, 1976
Relationship Status: Married
Current City: East Coast U.S.A.
Political Views: NIMBY
Religious Views: Taoist

Personal Life Code of Conduct and way of life:

The Strider Code (Words to live by:

I. The most perfect law in the universe is the balance; if the balance is gone everything falls into chaos.

II. Selfish ambition is the cause of the world's pain.

III. Devote yourself, but do not lose who you are.

IV. Those who seek the truth are the world's saviors.

V. A false life is equal to your true self..

VI. It doesn't pay to betray your principles.

VII. No one deserves to have all the power.

VIII. Who can see the future? Those who create it.

IX. Life or death awaits...a Strider is never certain

X. Strike hard and fade away without a trace.

XI. Take me to your boss! (This one's optional)

Words are imperfect, putting it into words will just create misunderstanding. Words are the root of misunderstanding. - Nagi Sanzenin (Hata Kenjiro)

An It Harm NONE Do As You WILL - Supreme Wiccan Law

Martial arts, Reading Sci Fi Fantasy, Video Games, Pen and Paper RPG Games (expecially RIFTS)
Techno, Classical, Old school hip hop, Linkin Park
Dresden Files, Piers Anthony, Robert Asprin, Issac Asimov, Taoism: The Magic, the Mysticism
Spiderman, Avatar, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Official X-Men Trilogy, xmen, The Last Airbender
Dark Angel, G.I. Joe, Ranma 1/2, X-Men The Original Animated Series
as you can see i have a extremely eclectic wold view and strange tastes in life, but for the most part i am fun loving and a prankster Twisted Evil clown tongue Razz

i bounce around alot from the games Oblivion, Morrowind, and PWI and a few others , so from time to time i will dissappear then reappear from time to time. Cool Very Happy

Ryu_Azuma (Male/Assassin), Mai_Shiranui (Female/Venomancer), Ayame_Azuma (Female/Venomancer[MAIN], Ryu_Hayabusa (Male/Blade Master), O_Anshin (Female/Psychic), Akai_Kiri (Female/Assassin)

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