DeerCalf is the name; wear it out=)-Edit

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DeerCalf is the name; wear it out=)-Edit Empty DeerCalf is the name; wear it out=)-Edit

Post  BitterLips on Thu Nov 18, 2010 11:14 am

Hey guys, im Deer. i play DD's ,mostly tho i do have a cleric if you need rez and are desperate. Archer and my Sin BitterLips are my mains. Atm DeerCalf is resting while i level my alts however i amn faction Director still and i do have a lot of ingame experience. Im not pro like some other but i can answer just about any question you have.Im a guy.. but i can be girly sometimes and i flirt with EVERYONE, just dont take it too personal. Dont be shy to ask for my help. i figure im nice enough to do just about anythig you need cheers erm...sometimes i can be quiet, mostly because im thinking a lot about what im supposed to be doing instead of playing the game lol. On another nice to me and my friends or we'll have a problem Very Happy. as Nyx said, this is supposed to be fun but i hate when ppl mess with my friends so...yea=) hope we get to be friends or ++ and have fun!

In about 2 weeks im going on my winter break from college so you'll probably see me ALLL the time. Lets do something together=) santa
And the Great CareBear said," Mmm, thats good rainbow!"

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DeerCalf is the name; wear it out=)-Edit Empty Re: DeerCalf is the name; wear it out=)-Edit

Post  Guest on Thu Nov 18, 2010 1:29 pm

^^ cute Mouse, wb to PW.
o_o forgot to add the fact you adorable.

o.o you flirt with everyone? ._. tot it was just with me.

o.o omg i want to see your flirting with Nitro yay!

-imagines a jealous Megan having a battle with you-

Embarassed cuteeeee


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